World Cup Qualification Schedule CONMEBOL 6 September

Fixtures for the 16th match of South America 2018 World Cup qualifying zone (CONMEBOL) will be held again on Wednesday (6/9/2017). The results of the Pre-World Cup match in Latin America will be very decisive to the country that qualify for Russia 2018 next.

A 2018 World Cup ticket has been earned by Brazil, while 3 automatic tickets qualify and one play-off is still contested by tv online seven countries; Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay and Ecuador. While Bolivia and Venezuela have certainly failed to qualify.

Despite being ranked second, third, and fourth, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile are not safe to qualify. Likewise with Argentina in the fifth rank (play off). Only five points separate Colombia, in second, from Ecuador in eighth with three games left.

In Wednesday's game, Colombia will host Brazil, the only Latin American country that has been confirmed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. Victory over Brazil in action will be needed by Colombia who currently ranks second with 25 points.

The defeat of Brazil will make Colombia vulnerable to being knocked out of the CONMEBOL zone qualifiers. The reason, Uruguay in the third rank is now packing 24 points and on the same day will host Paraguay who are both still likely to qualify for the World Cup.

While Uruguay are in third place with 24 points Paraguay will host in seventh place with 21 points. Strict action will obviously take place between these two adjacent nations to victory.

While Chile is ranked fourth with 23 points will travel to Bolivia. Chile needs to win, but Bolivia will still keep yalla shoot  the prestige.

Strict action will also occur between Ecuador vs. Peru. Ecuador despite just packing 20 points, still have a chance to qualify if the game will win over Peru who are now collecting 21 points.

The results in South American zone qualifiers on Wednesday (6/9) will lock each other.
2018 World Cup Qualifying Fixtures South America Zone, 6 September 2017

Bolivia vs Chile at 03:00 pm
Colombia vs Brazil at 03:30 am
Ecuador vs. Peru at 04:00 pm
Argentina vs Venezuela at 06:30 WIB
Paraguay vs Uruguay at 07:00 pm